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    / January 10, 2023

    by Michał Talaśka Solves Your Team Building Challenges is a team-matching application. The software is a new development from software house Scalac, designed to reduce the complexity of talent acquisition and skills management.’s machine learning algorithm pairs your organization with employees who fit a wide set of requirements. It unifies recruitment and management features on a single platform, thereby streamlining the complete employee lifecycle. 

    This article answers a range of questions about, what it offers, and how it works. 

    Q: How does map an organization's strategic technologies? provides a platform for assembling and managing high-performing teams and helps you deliver well-performing projects. The app recognizes that organizations need a team that meets all their requirements. To successfully recruit new members, you need to keep track of both your technologies and team members’ proficiencies. 

    Software house Scalac has developed Scalac works at the forefront of tech trends. is based on an in-depth understanding of the impact that a company’s tech stack has on everything from product development to client retention.

     If you’re like the vast majority of organizations, optimizing your technologies will enable you to create high-quality, cost-effective software solutions that maintain customer engagement with your brand. 

    To begin with, provides you with the skills matrix required to map the technologies your company uses. 

    skills matrix

    A screenshot from’s skills matrix.

    From there, your employees and tech specialists can define their individual abilities and preferences to identify which technologies they are best to work with. As a result, you’re better able to analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses across your whole stack. Group technologies by profession, area, or type for a systematic approach. 

    The skills matrix’s intuitive design presents data in table format. Skill levels are defined on a five-point scale by default, but can be changed to fit the company's strategy. And preferences are signaled through five degrees of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down.” indication. A neutral emoji indicates a lack of preference. 

    The in-depth and visualized analysis lets you quickly navigate and conceptualize your team's skills and technologies. This process constitutes an essential step in project development—picking the right people and tech for your product. 

    Scalac leveraged a thorough understanding of how teams work and how they effectively strategize development projects when building 

    Q: How does gather data about the level of talent/skills in a company transparently and analytically?

    Comprehensive, detailed knowledge of your workforce enables you to deliver effective projects. is a startup that helps companies understand and grow their teams. 

    Knowledge is the foundation of strategy design. And what better place to start than gaining an in-depth understanding of the people who create your projects? Individual professionals have specific abilities, experiences, roles, skills, and preferences. As a result, putting together a high-performing team requires an analysis of all the attributes and proficiencies available. 

    It’s necessary to know the current state of your team members in order to effectively challenge and train them. gives you the data you need to maximize the efficiency of your team and fill any skill gaps. combines data about your current professionals' abilities and preferences in its skills matrix. Specialists rate their skill levels on a scale from, “I’ve never heard about this project before,” to, “I have extensive experience in many different large-scale productions.” Thanks to the customizable skills matrix clearly defines levels of knowledge so that managers can separate professionals by their experience levels with particular types of technology. 

    perfect project team

    The skills matrix for determining employee skills and preferences.

    Ratings are presented in a customizable color-coded interface with a slide-out information panel detailing each rating class. You can group technologies however you feel is best. 

    Knowledge of your teams’ skills helps you to select best-fit technologies and assess the need for further skills acquisition through training or recruitment. is a team-matching software that assists you with team management. It illustrates what your team does best so you can create strategies, set targets, and choose effective technologies. 

    Q: How does gather data about the technical preferences of specialists transparently and analytically? provides everything you need to find expert team members on a single platform. In addition, it provides you with the tools to construct a team with the skill sets you need to succeed. 

    However, there’s more to understanding your specialists than just listing skills. For a professional to be a good match for your company, they must be interested in working within your technological infrastructure. 

    Sometimes individuals end up working with software they dislike. That leaves them with skills that are incompatible with the means of putting them into practice. But the most successful teams brim with talent and passion. 

    Understanding your professionals’ interests informs you which technologies best fit your current team. Fostering a positive culture made up of individuals who want to learn more about your stack elevates your projects, because teams working with the technologies they enjoy are more likely to progress, grow, and deliver high-quality products. Additionally, they’re more likely to stay with your company over the long term. presents preferences on a five-point scale for each type of software you use. The scale is visualized with emojis. 

    skills matrix

    The interface for adding preferences, featuring a slide-out info tab. 

    As seen in the example above, a single or double “thumbs up” signals that a professional enjoys working with the tech. A neutral emoji signals impartiality. And a single or double thumbs down indicates a level of dislike. 

    Preferences are important for both deciding which technologies to use and who will work best within your team. provides you with a clear understanding of the preferences of specialists so you can form effective strategies and form effective, efficient teams. 

    Q: How does help you choose the right specialists for a project based on their technical abilities and preferences? facilitates the creation of teams stacked with professionals who fit complex business requirements. It provides a comprehensive insight into the abilities of both team members and potential candidates.

    The core feature of is its team-matching capabilities. Its machine learning algorithm selects suitable candidates for you. Software house Scalac designed the algorithm based on years of experience supplying tech teams for businesses. They studied the formula of well-performing teams and uncovered twenty key variables that indicate success.

    create project teams’s team-matching interface. helps you to pick candidates with its powerful machine learning algorithm. It allows you to query a wide variety of data types, including the following:

    • Skills: Finding specialists with the right capabilities is essential. Select skill levels in various technologies, rated on a five-point scale. 
    • Technology preferences: offers something often left off CVs: candidate preferences. Discover how passionate candidates are about technologies, visualized with thumbs up or down. 
    • Availability: There are many practical considerations to take into account when curating a team. For example, matching a candidate’s timezone and availability to your requirements saves time spent evaluating incompatible specialists. 
    • Experience: Discover candidates’ previous roles so you can find the experience level needed for your team. 
    • Education: Select the degrees and certificates your candidate needs. 
    • Budget: An essential part of the team-building process is understanding how much your chosen team will cost. 

    Once a search is complete, rates candidates in percentage form. From there, you can shortlist candidates in PIN-protected folders. 

    There are many considerations to take into account when selecting candidates for interviews. compares businesses’ requirements with key data about candidates using its experience and data-driven machine learning algorithm. Once an organization has matched with best-fit specialists, it can move on to viewing the profiles of its top candidates. 

    Q: How does create and collect standardized CVs of specialists?’s machine learning algorithm was trained on over six thousand profiles and a few hundred projects to find the best candidates for your team. It’s a team-matching and management software that lets you search for specialists who closely fit your criteria.

    Once it has determined the top developers for your job, it’ll show a percentage match for each candidate. Next, you can select one of the recommended profiles and learn more about potential team members.

    skills matrix

    Example of a specialist’s profile on’s summary page presents a candidate profile and works just like an optimized resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Constructed from the data that developers provide, each page allows for swift access to information.’s profiles consist of simple visualizations, graphs, and intuitive navigation. And with each profile identically shaped, your eye naturally moves to the details you need. It removes the frustration of rummaging for key facts across CVs with different formats. trims the fat off the common resume. What’s left is a skimmable, instructive summary. With skills, experience, availability, and more at your fingertips, you’ll quickly identify which candidates suit your business.

    Developer profiles are stored securely by To ensure safety, offers PIN-secured folders with unique URLs for profile sharing. guides you through the process of hiring new talent for your team. It shouldn’t be challenging to connect with professionals who want to work with you. makes building a successful, well-built team an easy-to-reach goal. 

    Q: How does send your specialists' profiles professionally and safely? matches you with potential candidates using its AI algorithm, which is founded on seven years of knowledge in delivering tech solutions to companies with complex requirements. Once it matches you with the best-fit candidates, you can select individuals for consideration. 

    Finding the best team is crucial, and the recruitment process often requires various managers and recruitment experts to examine resumes.’s simple and informative candidate profiles make sharing candidates’ details simple. Each profile functions like a CV, but without the hassle. The profiles clearly present candidate data in a standardized format so you can assess who you want to interview.

    Once you’ve decided on several potentials, you may wish  to share their profiles. Sharing conventional CVs as PDF files can be challenging because CVs often contain sensitive data. 

    Safely interacting with personal details is a top priority for all businesses. Poor storage is not only risky for the candidate but for your business. is all about professionals. And it wants to maintain professionalism across the board. That’s why it's designed to protect every specialist’s information while still allowing easy access to those who need it. 

    skills matrix’s PIN-protected sign-in page to access selected candidate profiles.

    As shown above, provides a folder to store the profiles of selected candidates. Managers can grant access to the folders with a four-digit PIN. Rather than navigating through emails to share CVs amongst your team, simply share the four-digit PIN. 

    Additionally, stores all your candidates’ profiles in one place, and the profiles remain anonymous to ensure data is protected. aims to make hiring new team members easier and safer. After the software has matched you with candidates, you can easily view, store, and securely share their profiles. Streamlining the recruitment process gives you the time and ability to curate the best team possible. 

    Q: How does decrease retention on projects and increase specialist wellness? offers a range of useful team-matching features. Its advanced machine learning algorithm selects the best candidates for you based on an in-depth evaluation of the qualities, skills, availability, and experience on offer. The app also helps you retain team members and improve their well-being. 

    Businesses require specialists with the right skill level for your technologies. However, it’s vital that those specialists are working with technologies they enjoy. Combining several key markers, fills your team with specialists who enjoy working within your tech infrastructure. 

    skills matrix

    Compare specialists’ skills using’s Skills Search feature. 

    You can group skills by their importance to find the best specialists for your team. You can then use the intuitive table to view the skills of potential candidates, rated from one to five. 

    Additionally, shows how much candidates enjoy working with the technology, along with a number representing their skill level. Thumbs up represent a positive feeling, and thumbs down a negative preference. A double thumbs up or down shows a stronger feeling in either direction. A neutral face indicates neither excitement nor dislike of working with a particular technology. 

    A comprehensive understanding of potential employees’ skills and preferences helps you pick team members who will be happiest working with your technologies. From there, you can assess their skill level to facilitate the right level of growth for them.

    Additionally,’s skills matrix helps you determine which technologies your team may want to work with in the future. As a result, you can build a stack that boosts wellness and retains your most passionate professionals. Onboarding new team members is costly and keeping your hard-working employees is crucial. facilitates the creation of high-quality teams and gives you the tools to support to keep them intact. With a range of features on one interface, assists you through the whole employee lifecycle. 

    Q: How does control permissions to specific data in the product? helps you curate an effective team. The app has everything you need to select the right candidates for your business with AI. It also helps you gain an advanced understanding of your team with its skills matrix functionality. But how do you decide who can access certain features?

    The sage sharing of data is essential. That’s why offers secure folders with four-digit PIN access to protect sensitive data. Additionally, has designed a simple page to control your team members’ permissions. 

    Managers can allow individuals to enter certain areas of the platform and limit access to others. First, group your employees by profession or type. Then assign permissions through a straightforward “tick box interface.”

    Decide on a range of clearances, including who can update your skills matrix, assign and create roles, and more.

    manage developers’s interface for editing permissions. understands that security is crucial for any business. It lets you safely choose which team members can access the different parts of the platform. Finding the right team is just the start of a successful project. It then needs to be managed, motivated, and trained. 

    Choose to Help You Build a High-Performing Team is a new application by Scalac. If your business is looking for new developers but concerned about how time-consuming and costly the recruitment process is, can help. It’s a data-driven platform with a complex AI algorithm that considers every aspect of candidate selection. 

    The company behind, Scalac, is still available as a software house, delivering experienced teams that know how to produce a successful project. Contact Scalac now to gain access to a complete software development team, from DevOps to project managers. 

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