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    / January 05, 2023

    by Michał Talaśka A Comprehensive Talent Management Solution

    Well-formed teams drive successful projects. And adopting a platform that facilitates effective team curation lays the foundation for success. 

    Talent management tools support you through various recruitment and team-management processes, from candidate selection to team analysis. is one example of a platform that combines numerous talent management features into one interface. As a result, it allows you to effortlessly build a team made up of specialists who fit your complex specifications. 

    This article comprehensively explains the components of talent management tools and which questions help you to identify the ideal platform. In addition, it introduces and the specific benefits its suite of features offers.

    What Is a Talent Management Tool?

    Talent management tools provide features that streamline the process of hiring and overseeing employees. 

    A poorly constructed team can stall project development, causing missed deadlines, unnecessary costs and disappointed customers. 

    Here are the core features a talent management platform typically includes:

    • Recruitment / Hiring request: A talent management tool matches your organization with candidates who fit your requirements. Users can enter a range of queries to identify suitable specialists in the platform database. 
    • Management: Team management features include time-tracking, administration, onboarding, training, and performance-related functionalities. 
    • Analysis: Some talent management tools offer more than oversight features. Platforms often provide components that help you shape and manage your team, such as trend analysis and financial guidance. 

    Talent management tools are a helpful addition to your management suite. The key advantage of these platforms is the streamlining and automation of many challenging processes.

    Nearly 30% of project failures are due in part to poor communications, inaccurate cost estimates, and inadequate time management. These pitfalls can be avoided if you leverage a highly functional platform to assist you. 

    Choosing the Best Talent Management Tool for Your Business

    Picking the right talent management platform is essential. You should take the following factors into account when making a decision. 


    Talent management tools save you money over the long term. Consider your budget and the scope of features you require. Many platforms offer free services. And there is often a range of plans available, which usually vary depending on the size of your business.

    A Large Number of Specialists

    You’re significantly more likely to find suitable candidates if you can access a large pool of specialists. Therefore, select a talent management platform with a good selection of high-quality professionals. 

    A Unified Platform 

    Ideally, a single tool should support you with all your talent management processes. Comprehensive platforms reduce costs and promote efficiency. Additionally, a single tool provides advanced insights by unifying and interpreting data. 

    Expert-Led AI Algorithm

    Team-matching and management tools rely on machine learning. An in-depth AI algorithm considers a wide range of specifications to enrich the recruitment process. With many specialists available and a comprehensive search function, an AI-based talent management platform will quickly identify the top candidates for your team. 

    Excellent User Experience (UX)

    Team management software should streamline business processes. Therefore, it’s best to pick a platform with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, some tools offer customizable features for a tailored experience. 

    Customize to your stategy

    You can build your own company's skills matrix to create a grid that contains information about available skill and their evaluation. Thanks to that you will be able to map employees' skills and their levels. You will see how your employees skills are changing in time and which of your project is the most developing.

    Customize Your Strategy

    Build a skills matrix for your company that enables you to evaluate the proficiencies you have available. Once your employees have input their abilities and preferencies, you’ll have a clear map of all the skills you can leverage. Additionally, the skills matrix enriches you with insights about how your employee's skills are changing over time and which of your projects is advancing the fastest.

    A Security-First Approach

    There are two core factors in maintaining security across platforms. 

    The first relates to handling sensitive data in curriculum vitae (CVs). Opt for a talent-matching service that protects specialists’ data. Failing to prioritize safeguarding is a risk to you and your candidates. 

    Second, the ability to specify permissions is a priority. Choose a platform that facilitates restricting and granting team members’ access to features. 

    A Future-Focused Platform

    In 2022, technology progresses fast. As a result, it’s crucial to select a platform that responds to industry shifts and innovations. Such a platform will also keep you on the cutting edge of talent acquisition and management. A Talent Management Tool That Does It All is a talent management platform designed by software house Scalac. Scalac is one of the highest-rated IT providers on the web. 

    Scalac designed the machine learning algorithm by analyzing seven years of in-house data. It takes over twenty variables into account when identifying candidates for your team. 

    Once has selected specialists who match your requirements, you can review their in-depth profiles. Profiles function in a similar way to CVs. They are securely stored in PIN-protected folders with unique URLs, which also facilitate safe sharing.  

    With a fully formed team at your fingertips, you can identify the proficiencies at your disposal on the skills matrix. Additionally, you can manage your employees’ vacation time, track tasks, measure performance, employees happiness, and more on the customizable interface. is currently in the beta stage of development. But it’s quickly developing into a single platform that covers end-to-end team building. And it won’t stop there. will soon offer financial planning, trend analysis, and more.

    The Final Word on Talent Management Software

    Your teams determine your business’ success. And picking the right talent management software can mean the difference between a project that flounders and one that over-delivers. is currently open to beta testers. Therefore, you have the exciting opportunity to be one of the first to trial its advanced algorithm.

    Scalac provides in-depth solutions for complex tech requirements. Contact us today to talk about your project goals. Our hard-working and approachable teams are here to help. 

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