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    / January 24, 2023

    by Michał Talaśka

    Everything Team-Matching Software,, Can Do for You is software house Scalac’s latest project. Scalac is rated as one of the top IT service providers in 2022. With, it’s transformed its nine years of hard-earned experience, data, and analysis into a comprehensive machine learning algorithm. is a team-matching application that streamlines onboarding and management processes. Talent acquisition is challenging, and understanding people’s skills and technical preferences may be even more difficult. Additionally, trawling through resumes or curriculum vitae (CVs) to find the right candidates is costly and time-consuming. Especially considering that you need to keep CVs up to date and store incredibly sensitive data.’s insight-led algorithm selects candidates who meet your business’ complex requirements. Soon it will also enable you to keep track of your team’s happiness and development with a suite of management features.

    This article provides a complete description of’s functionality and demonstrates how it assists your company in delivering successful projects. We’ll also provide a glimpse into’s future. Features: An Overview

    A successful team should function cohesively. Social skills, technical abilities, and past experience need to be considered. provides you with everything required to put together a high-performing team. 

    Let’s take a closer look at what has to offer. 

    Team-Matching Based on AI

    Building a successful team requires a comparison of candidates’ skills against your requirements. helps you do just that. 

    Drawing on a mix of data, client studies and its experience as a successful software house, Scalac identified twenty variables that affect team success. Those variables are the foundation of’s machine learning algorithm. understands what businesses need. As a result, it allows you to conduct advanced searches that take into account various specifications, such as:

    • Previous experience
    • Technology preferences
    • Availability
    • Languages spoken
    • Skills 
    • Seniority
    • Education
    • Project’s technological complexity
    • Domain experience
    • Do you need more? then presents you with the candidates with the highest match percentage scores for your requirements. 

    From there, you can view each candidate’s profile. A profile is an interactive web-based CV with additional features like graphs and colored visualizations. They also allow you to anonymize data.

    Control Sharing and Permission

    Unlike traditional CVs, you can select candidate profiles and place them in individual folders on the interface. Each folder has a unique URL. This avoids the cumbersome process of CV sharing and selection. 

    Once you’ve added the CVs to the folder, they’re PIN-protected. As a result, all your candidate data is safely stored in one place for easy sharing.

    Additionally, there’s an easy tick-box table to control permissions across the app. 

    The Skills Matrix

    Knowing your company's technical strategy is essential for project success. 

    The skills matrix is an interactive grid that stores information about the skills at your disposal. You can organize and track the skills you want to leverage and the matrix’s scalable functionality makes it suitable for everything from filling an individual role right through to managing the workforce for a whole organization.

    First, you’re prompted to select and group the Profession your company uses for example - Frontend, Backend, or DevOps. Secondly, you can create Group Technology for example Cloud Providers, Libraries or Frameworks. Lastly, you are asked to input individual technologies, for example React, Angular or Flutter.

    It’s all about helping you to quickly identify which technologies will work best for your team and the areas where you need to expand and grow. 

    If the process seems too complex, don’t worry. you will provide an extensive ready-to-go Skills Matrix that you can edit and build upon.

    Team Management

    As a project manager, it’s important to gather key information about your team members, for example, technical preferences, working hours, or the role that they would like to play in the project. provides you with the data you need to answer work-related queries about your employees with ease. 

    With you can undertake various employee management tasks on a single platform, including setting vacation days, time tracking, task tracking, and more. Having all the information you need in one talent management tool saves both time and money. 

    What’s Next for already offers a large feature set. But it’s still in the early stages of development. It’s introducing many more features in the future. Let’s take a look at what’s in the pipeline.

    Skill-Development Tracking

    Knowing your team members' skill levels is essential when deciding which technologies to use and identifying gaps in expertise. 

    But skills aren’t static. Because of this, will store data about how your team improves over time. With quarterly or yearly analysis, you can see clearly whether or not your employees are being challenged.

    You can also use that information to analyze which of your projects enriches your employees’ skills and how they feel about their work. It provides you with the necessary data to prevent talent from leaving your company due to a lack of personal development or unsuitable projects.

    Proposing a Full Team’s comprehensive algorithm has a great deal of potential. So we want to make the most of it! 

    In the future, will suggest entire teams of developers based on their availability, skill set, preferences, team dynamics, and more. 

    Employing a whole team in one set instance will take the hassle out of onboarding, enabling you to launch your latest project faster. 

    Tracking Revenue

    Knowing how much each of your projects earns significantly improves your chances of growth. 

    In this vein, will help you keep up with the profits you make from each of your tech projects. With that information, you can build strategies based on in-depth financial knowledge. 

    Tech Recommendations

    Founded on a comprehensive knowledge of the tech sector, will help you to make more informed decisions about software and business technology. It will analyze global statics and critical information about your team and projects to suggest which software will work for you.

    It will also collect and present data about the latest tech trends to keep you up-to-date with new developments. helps you stay on the pulse of relevant innovations in the IT world, allowing you to deliver cutting-edge projects that continue to motivate your team. 

    Project Suggestions for Specialists

    Once you’ve defined your project requirements, will automatically contact specialists who match your project. 

    Allowing specialists to come to you simplifies the search process. 

    Team Growth 

    After, as a team-matching software, matches your business with a specialized team, it will go one step further and help your team grow. It will analyze your team members' skills and experience to suggest the best ways to develop their proficiencies. 

    What’s Next? Sign Up to Try

    If you’re considering signing up with our team-matching app -, you’re in luck. The platform is currently in the demo stage, and Scalac is looking for businesses that want to benefit from the power of its AI algorithm. Click here to sign up today.

    Scalac is always here to offer outsourcing solutions and help you develop industry-leading tech projects. Contact Scalac to learn about our friendly and passionate approach to developing cutting-edge technologies and providing expert knowledge. 

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